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What I Listened To In February

Take a look at what I listened to in February…


Right, before I begin, where exactly did February go?! It’s like I blinked and then ‘woosh‘ there went February! Anyway, before I waste half of March talking about February let’s move on to what I listened to last month…

Despite February being the ‘month of love’, I don’t think I really listened to anything too ‘love’ heavy. The closest I guess I got was with Raleigh Ritchie’s ‘Never Better‘. A tale of how finding the right person for you can make you a better person. Aw!

I was am completely obsessed with LION BABE’s single ‘Where Do We Go‘ and listened to it for pretty much half of February. It’s crazy catchy and instantly makes me want to dance around the room.

Another favourite from February was RAT BOY’s single ‘MOVE‘. It’s unlike anything I usually listen to but I love it. I personally love the lyric ‘Well, you know I never say the same thing twice’ and how it is also repeated, completely going against the point of the lyric itself.

Also in this playlist are the crazy popular hits ‘PILLOWTALK’, ‘7 Years’ and ‘The Sound’ by Zayn, Lukas Graham and The 1975 respectively.

You can listen to the playlist in full by using the Spotify widget below, and please let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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5 thoughts on “What I Listened To In February

  1. I’m always looking for new music, so I’m very glad that I found your blog. I am listening to your playlist as we speak and so far it’s great. 😉

  2. it’s weird but i become obssed with zayn malik, justin beiber and one direction… i am 32 and soething clearly is wrong with me haha great list!

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