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Valentine’s Day at Hard Rock Cafe London

Not your traditional Valentine’s Day at Hard Rock Cafe London…

Yesterday, my other half and I went out for our first Valentine’s Day meal as a couple, but instead of visiting your typical ‘fancy, top-end’ restaurant, we chose to visit the Hard Rock Cafe in Central London for their Valentine’s Day special offer. Personally, I absolutely adore the Hard Rock Cafes and have visited a total of six different restaurants throughout Europe*, but this was my other half’s first time there!

We arrived around 45 minutes ahead of our 2pm booking so decided to take a look inside the Rock Shop (located across the road from the restaurant). Like always, the shop was full to the brim of HRC merchandise including their famous signature white tee’s – which you can now get personalised! After a quick look around, we decided to head towards the restaurant and grab a drink whilst we waited for our reservation.

After A LOT of hassle actually trying to book a table in the first place, (we tried to ring up, book online & even Tweeted the venue!) we were eventually e-mailed our confirmation, but when we got to the door, we found out our reservation hadn’t been included on the list. Immediately my heart sunk, thinking we’d have to find somewhere else to eat, but luckily they had a table! We were ushered downstairs, waited at the bar for around 5 minutes and then shown to our table.

Once seated, we noticed that our table had been decorated with heart shaped sequins, little 3D hearts and two love-themed crackers. Aw, cute! Once we were settled our waitress Lucy introduced herself, handed us the Valentine’s Day set menu and took our drinks order.

Our Valentine’s Day package included a welcome cocktail, a three course meal, bottle of wine to share along with soft drinks. There was a choice of two cocktails, two starters, six mains and two desserts. Pretty good offering I’d say!

To start we both chose the Lil Bruchetta which was described as ‘toasted baguettes topped with herb cream cheese, marinated Roma tomatoes and fresh basil, served with a drizzle of basil oil and shaved Parmesan’.

The Valentine’s Day menu had such great entrée choices on it, that I struggled to decide which main to have at first. Then I laid eyes on the Twisted Mac n Cheese, which was described as ‘Cavatappi macaroni tossed in a three-cheese sauce with roasted red peppers, topped with Parmesan parsley bread crumbs and grilled chicken breast’ and knew I had to have it! My other half chose the Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Que Ribs. which were huge!

We both struggled to eat our meals as Hard Rock Cafe’s are very generous with their portions. The food was delicious and our waitress was beyond helpful. Once we had admitted defeat on our main courses, she gave us plenty of time to relax and let our food settle before we attempted dessert.

It probably took us around half an hour to even think about ordering dessert, but we were both so glad we waited. We both had the hot fudge sundae and it was heavenly! Our waitress even gave us another pot of hot chocolate fudge sauce to drizzle over our sundaes. mmm! *drools*

All in all we were there for around 3 hours, ate wayy too much food, but thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Much love to Hard Rock Cafe London for making our first Valentine’s Day together one to remember!

If you’d like to find out more information about the Hard Rock Cafes then you can visit their website here.


*London, Manchester, Dublin, Cologne, Venice and Brussels, in case you were wondering 😉


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4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day at Hard Rock Cafe London

  1. I love it when you leave a restaurant full and happy. I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten in a HRC before, I think the one near me ended up closing, but I know my mum went to one a few years ago and managed to snag some badges from one of the waiters. Are you collecting souvenirs from when you go to the various HRCs?

    1. Yes, I am actually 🙂 I’ve collected the hurricane cocktail glasses 🙂

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