Ultimate Noughties Throwback

Ultimate Noughties Throwback!

Are you ready for the ultimate noughties throwback?!


Sadly we’ve come to the end of Your Future Mixtape’s #ThrowbackThursday’s noughties series. *boo!* But on the upside this also means it’s time for the ULTIMATE NOUGHTIES THROWBACK!

What does this mean?! I hear you cry! Well, let me explain… I’ve trawled through every single song I’ve ever included from the last few weeks’ playlists and picked the best of the best. Think of it as the best noughties playlist you’ll ever hear.

The playlist shown below includes over 230 songs from 2000 – 2009. That equals 14 hours and 38 minutes (to be precise) of hits from the noughties. Woah!

Whether you prefer to bust out the dance moves to S Club 7’s ‘Reach‘, or if you prefer to sing your heart out to some *NSYNC, there are songs for everyone. All there’s left to do now is get stuck in and enjoy!

Click play to get lost in the 2000’s best tunes…

Don’t forget you can listen to all of the individual years by following me on Spotify
or heading to the #ThrowbackThursday category.

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