Road Less Traveled

Road Less Traveled – Boyce Avenue

Boyce Avenue return with new album, ‘Road Less Traveled’


Boyce Avenue have been dominating my blog as of late and there’s no surprise as to why. The three Manzano brothers have been travelling around the world performing their brand new album – ‘Road Less Traveled‘ – to their adoring fans (yes, that includes me!).

Road Less Traveled‘ consists of 11 new original tracks from YouTube sensations Alejandro, Daniel and Fabian. Prior to the album being released on Friday 15th April, Boyce Avenue have released singles ‘Be Somebody‘, ‘Family‘ and ‘Imperfect Me‘.

After my first listen of the album in it’s entirety, my initial opinion was that this album was definitely worth the wait! I mean, it has been six years since we last heard original music from the guys (All We Have Left was released back in 2010).

From the 11 tracks, the ones that stand out to me are ‘Imperfect Me‘ and ‘Ride the Wave‘ along with ‘Be Somebody‘ and ‘Cinderella‘. Okay, I realise that this a third of the album but it’s so hard to choose one or two tracks.

The album kicks off with the anthem that is ‘Be Somebody’ and is perfectly closed with ‘Lovely Mess’. I believe that ‘Road Less Traveled’ is the perfect follow-up to ‘All We Have Left’ and will continue their reign of being the most popular independent band on YouTube.

Track list*

  1. Be Somebody
  2. Cinderella
  3. Your Biggest Fan
  4. Imperfect Me
  5. Ride The Wave
  6. Family
  7. Queen of Hearts
  8. Anchor
  9. Given Up
  10. Pick Yourself Back Up Again
  11. Lovely Mess


*Personally, after a quick glance at the track list, I instantly felt a Disney theme going on with ‘Cinderella‘ and ‘Queen of Hearts‘. Couldn’t resist pointing that out!

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