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Review – Hard Rock Cafe London

Your Future Mixtape visits Hard Rock Cafe London


If you read my Valentine’s Day post about my visit to the Hard Rock Cafe in London, then you’ll know I’m a huge fan of the Hard Rock Cafe’s. After a quick e-mail to the marketing team expressing my praises, they invited myself and guest to visit The Vault and Restaurant*.

I booked in my visit for Saturday 26th as an early birthday treat for my dad’s birthday. This was the first time he had visited the cafe and he had a great time, which I’ll explain in more detail down below.

Our day begun by checking in with Kenny (Duty Manager) at the Rock Shop, located a few metres from the main restaurant. Kenny then introduced us to another member of staff who guided us down into The Vault. This is described on HRC’s website as ‘an exclusive music memorabilia museum‘.

Hard Rock Cafe - The Vault
Hard Rock Cafe – The Vault
Hard Rock Cafe - The Vault
Hard Rock Cafe – The Vault

Located beneath the Rock Shop, The Vault included memorabilia from the greatest names in music (as you can expect from Hard Rock!). There were guitars, outfits, lyrics, posters and much more from the likes of Queen, KISS, The Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley. The Vault is a must-do for any music lover and the best part is that it’s free! The tours usually run every 20 minutes and can accommodate up to around 15 people.

After we were finished in The Vault, our guide (I can’t remember his name, sorry!) took us back upstairs where we met Kenny ahead of our meal. Before we visited the restaurant next door, Kenny took me over to the Rock Shop’s till to get my customised signature HRC tee printed. I have ALWAYS wanted a HRC signature tee but never got around to purchasing one. Luckily for me, waiting to purchase one gave me the opportunity to get one personalised.

The customised tee’s are on a limited time offer and give you the chance to have two lines of personalised text underneath the HRC logo. I opted for having my blog name ‘Your Future Mixtape’ on the first line and ‘London’ on the second (okay, ‘London’ was Kenny’s idea but shh haha.) It was created in a matter of minutes and was presented in a HRC branded box. I loved it!

Post-tee printing, Kenny guided us over to the restaurant where we met Amy, who took us to our booth. I say booth instead of seats because we were seated in one of the booths next to the front window. Score!

Once we were seated our waiter, Tomasz, introduced himself and gave us a menu to browse through. We were lost for choice when it came to choosing both our drinks and food options as it’s such an extensive menu. After a few minutes Tomasz took our drink choices which were ‘Southern Rock’ and ‘Hurricane’. Yes, we went for cocktails, as I believe there’s a rule that you cannot visit the Hard Rock and not try one of their legendary cocktails (or mocktails). Okay, there isn’t a rule but I’m pretty adamant there should be one.

Hard Rock Cafe London - Cocktails
Hard Rock Cafe London – Cocktails

By the time we had finally decided on our food choices, Tomasz was back with our cocktails. He then took our order giving us time to enjoy our drinks. I opted for one of Hard Rock’s legendary burgers – the Hickory Barbecue Bacon Cheeseburger and my dad went for ‘The Texan’.

Hard Rock Cafe London
Hard Rock Cafe London – Food

It wasn’t long before our food arrived. My burger arrived with a knife through just to hold it all together! It was a beastly meal (which I definitely could not finish) as the portions are very generous at Hard Rock. You’ll never go hungry that’s for sure! 

We powered through our meals and drinks, eventually admitting defeat with our food.  Tomasz took our plates away and asked if we could handle dessert. Usually my dad is the first to say no to a dessert but he happily agreed to having one. In shock, I also agreed.

Both me and my dad agreed we fancied another cocktail but couldn’t decide if we wanted a cocktail AND dessert or just a cocktail. In the end we opted for a boozy dessert each. Well, it ticked both boxes! My dad chose the ‘Irish Kiss’, a boozy latte and I went for the ‘Twisted Milkshake’, a boozy ice cream based milkshake.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our dessert and eventually concluded that we did indeed fancy another cocktail! My dad stuck to his original choice of a ‘Southern Rock’ and I chose the ‘Bahama Mama’.  We finished our desserts and cocktails, had a browse around the Restaurant’s memorabilia and thanked Kenny for the hospitality.

We had such a great time that my dad wanted his own t-shirt to remember the day by so we headed back over to the Rock Shop. Kenny operated our transaction and kindly gave us 10% off!

Overall it was an amazing afternoon and we will certainly be back. Thanks again to all of the staff at Hard Rock who made our visit so welcoming.


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*I received a complimentary t-shirt, tour of the vault, food & drink in exchange for an honest review of my visit.

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4 thoughts on “Review – Hard Rock Cafe London

  1. I’m a fan of Hard Rock too. I went to the London one last year not long after opening as it can be hard to get in later on in the day. The food was awesome and about the same size as the meals you get in America. I also had a look in the vault too which i thought was amazing x

    1. I’d highly recommend it! I’m planning to visit the Florida Hard Rock Cafe in October 🙂 Can’t wait.

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