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Nebraska – Lucy Rose

Danny Dyer stars as inspirational Drag Queen in ‘Nebraska’


Lucy Rose and Danny Dyer? Hmm… these are two names that you wouldn’t expect to see together, but strangely it works. Extremely well actually. Once you’ve paired Lucy’s beautiful voice with Danny’s acting skills, you’ve got yourself a spectacularly made video with an important message.

Lucy’s latest single ‘Nebraska‘ sees ‘hard-man’ Danny Dyer deliver an acting performance like no other that we’ve ever seen from him before. He superbly plays the role of a drag queen. Yes, you read that right – a drag queen.

The video perfectly challenges gender fluidity and proves that anyone can step out of their comfort zone. I mean it’s not every day that we see Danny wear a dress is it?

Lucy took to Facebook to express her thoughts on the video…

“I never knew this would happen and it still feels so surreal to be able to share with you the music video for ‘Nebraska’. I’m beyond proud of what we have made and it’s truly amazing that we got to make this video. Every single person who worked on this did it for free to try and make something beautiful that tells an important story.


I’m so grateful to the awesome Danny Dyer for saying yes when I sent over this mental idea and for believing in me and this song. He’s a huge inspiration and an amazing person to work with.”

Danny also added on Twitter…

Check out the video in full, and as always, please leave your comments below, I’d love to read them!

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