Misantropé – Westerman

London based singer/songwriter Westerman releases new single

Westerman is a 23-year old storyteller from London who has recently released his latest single ‘Misantropé’. The song title came about when his sister mispronounced the word ‘misanthrope,’ inspiring the singer/songwriter to build a fictional love story around a girl he meets in the French town of Saint-Tropez, brought to life by his bewitching take on modern folk.

His invigorating music is influenced by the likes of John Martyn, Nick Drake and Neil Young, in addition to José González and Junip, which pushes Westerman’s sound of classic folk into 2016. 

Westerman’s collaboration with DEEK Recordings found Bullion, provided pulse to his songwriting, energising his soaring melodies and accomplished guitar work.

The single is somewhat an introduction into the world of the 23-year-old, so have a listen to ‘Misantropé’ and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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