Jack Savoretti at the Roundhouse

On Thursday 15th October the superbly talented Jack Savoretti took to the stage in London, at The Roundhouse, as part of his ‘Written In Scars‘ tour. Show support came from Max Jury.

Opening with ‘Written In Scars‘ and ‘Back To Me’, the mood was soon set for an unforgettable night of live music. Throughout his hour and a half set, Savoretti belted out the majority of his tracks, including the ever popular hits ‘Other Side of Love’, ‘Vagabond’ and ‘Knock Knock’.

Mid-set, Jack told the audience that someone once told him that he should play by the rules within the music industry. He went on to further explain that he took some of those rules, put them in a bag and smashed them to get him where he is today; playing the famous Roundhouse venue.

There was a moment on stage where the band left the stage, allowing Jack some alone time with the audience. He told a story explaining that Bob Dylan abandoned songs he wasn’t fully happy with in a recording studio that Jack also worked in. There was a folder full of these songs and Jack went on to explain that ‘Nobody ‘Cept You’ was one of those abandoned tracks. The audience was almost silent (with the exception of those fans who scream at any given moment) as Savoretti performed the song with such passion.

The band then returned to the stage where they joined Jack to finish the night with the ever-catchy ‘Knock Knock’, which was then followed by a two-song encore.

Overall the night was perfect for those looking to relax after a hard day at work with a good mix of upbeat sing-a-long tracks. I’d recommend anyone to see Jack Savoerri live as honestly he sounds just as good live compared to his recorded music.


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