Viola Beach

Getting to know Viola Beach

Your Future Mixtape chats to Kris from Viola Beach about
BBC Introducing and touring with Blossoms



Hello! First up, can you tell us a little bit about Viola Beach (for those who don’t know you)?
We are Kris, River, Tom, Jack. We’re all from Warrington and we’re in an (indie) pop band.

How did you all meet?
I (Kris) met jack at primary school and after losing contact for a few years we bumped in to each other in the bus station and decided to start a band. I met Tom in a bar we both worked in and River on a music course at college.

Love the band name! How did you guys decide on ‘Viola Beach’?
Thanks! It’s basically a hypothetical happy place to go to when you’re feeling down. Because nobody can be sad on a beach. From the reactions and reviews of the tunes I think that resonates throughout them which is handy.

You’ve been supported by BBC Introducing for a little while now, and last year you performed on the BBC Introducing stage at Reading & Leeds. How does it feel to be supported by the BBC?
It’s very humbling. Even though they do support a lot of bands it’s still great to have been given that extra leg up as opposed to all the other (equally as good) bands. They really have helped us a lot and we owe them all a drink.

Talking of BBC, you guys have recently been announced as one of six BBC Introducing artists who have been invited to perform at SXSW. What are you looking forward to most about performing in Texas?
I think I heard they do good wings over there, so that’ll be good. River likes planes as well so he’ll enjoy the flights. And we’re all pasty and unhealthy so the sun will do us good. Also the whole ‘playing at one of the best festivals in the world’ thing will be alright as well!

Can we catch you guys on tour across the UK any time soon?
Right now actually, we’re in a Travelodge in cork at the minute struggling to understand Irish TV. Today’s the first day of the tour with Blossoms and The Vryll Society which is going on throughout February and March all across the UK!

Finally, your debut single ‘Swings and Waterslides’ is pretty damn catchy, but if you had to choose, which would it be? Swings OR Waterslides?
That would depend entirely on circumstance. Because if I was on a swing in Warrington it’d most likely be covered in urine and second hand chewing gum. Actually no, definitely waterslides.

Thanks again to Viola Beach for chatting to Your Future Mixtape. Check out their Maida Vale Session for BBC Introducing below, and let me know your thoughts in the comments.



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