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Getting to know Raleigh Ritchie

Your Future Mixtape caught up with Raleigh Ritchie
ahead of his album launch


Last week I caught up with Raleigh Ritchie at Sony Records to chat about the release of his debut album, ‘You’re A Man Now, Boy’.

I first discovered Raleigh when he supported George Ezra at the O2 Academy in Brixton, London. His performance was so passionate and energetic and ever since I have listened endlessly to his E.P.’s, so when I was given the chance to meet the man behind ‘Bloodsport‘ and ‘A Moor‘, I couldn’t say no! Find out what Raleigh and I chatted about below. Grab a cuppa and enjoy!


YFM: When I saw you support George Ezra last year, I remember thinking ‘how does he have so much energy?!’ How do you prepare for a live show?

Raleigh: I’m trying to get healthy because I don’t prepare very well, and then it takes me two days to recover. Last tour, I completely lost my voice and by the end of it, it was gone for about two weeks. So yeah, not very well but I’ve just started boxing and then another day I’ll go for a run. I’ve also started to train with my friend who’s a personal trainer. To actually answer your question, the way I do it is that adrenaline takes over and I get excited and just push through.

YFM: So a case of turning the nerves into excitement then?

Raleigh: Yeah, that’s it. It’s like 60%-70% nerves and then 30% adrenaline, which takes over.

YFM: So, it’s nearly time for your fans (including me!) to hear the new album in its entirety! How are you feeling? Are you excited?

Raleigh: Very excited! I’m crossing into the anxiety phase. I delivered the album in September to send off to print etc so I had a bit of anxiety then. I was like ‘Oh, I’ve just gotta do this and just gotta do that.‘ but then I let that go.

I thought that the album I had delivered on the day (that I had to deliver it on) is the album it should of been. I made peace with that and it was fine. Now I’m like, ‘sh*t it comes out and people are going to have opinions on it.‘ It’s always scary releasing anything.

YFM: Which of your new tracks are you looking forward to performing when you head out on tour?

Raleigh: There’s a song called ‘Young & Stupid‘ and a song called ‘Cowards‘ that are both on the album, that I’m really looking forward to doing live.

YFM: Are these songs upbeat or a bit slower?

Raleigh: Yeah, I’d say they’re upbeat. Cowards maybe isn’t quite as upbeat, but I think they’re just going to be fun songs to do. I hope they’ve both got chanty choruses.

YFM: So they’re the type to get stuck in your head?

Raleigh: Yeah, well hopefully I can get people to sing along.

YFM: What has been the strangest thing to happen to you whilst performing on stage? Have you had anything thrown on the stage?

Raleigh: I’m not sure I’ve had strange stuff happen. I was actually talking about this earlier when I was supporting George Ezra. It was a show in Paris and the audience were really close, to the point that the front row’s elbows were resting on the stage. I came on and I pulled the mic of the stand quite quickly and to the left I just saw this girls hair fly up in the air. Basically, my mic cord had wrapped around this girls head and pulled her hair up in the air. ]

YFM: Oh wow! That’s crazy.

Raleigh: I whipped one of George Ezra’s fans in the face. That’s probably the strangest thing that’s happened to me on stage. It was right at the beginning as well.

YFM: So you just had to play through it?!

Raleigh: Yeah, I’m probably the worst support act she’s ever seen.

YFM: Did you set yourself any New Year resolutions? If so, how are they going?

Raleigh: I try not to set myself any goals. Whenever I try and set myself goals I really struggle because I’m never any good at doing what I’m told. I’m not a rebel, it’s just that if I’m not interested I won’t do it. I try not to set New Year’s resolutions because I know I’ll just break them. One thing I wanted to do this year was to be more confident in silence and stillness.

YFM: Can you tell us something that not even Google knows about you?

Raleigh: That’s a really good question. I don’t even know that much about me. Oh yeah, I collect toys…

YFM: What toys are they?

Raleigh: They’re called Funkos and they made one of me! It was the best day of my life. We went to Tokyo a couple of years ago for Christmas, and I went to the toy shop and filled up half of my case with these Japanese monsters. I love things like that. I also hoard film posters and film art. I’m hoping one day I can just fill my place with them all.

YFM: Who are you listening to at the moment? Anyone we should check out?

Raleigh: To be honest with, it’s not very cool, but for the last week I’ve been listening to Rihanna really. I’m not the biggest Rihanna fan but this album is really, really good. Oh yeah, check out Spooky Black, he is an absolute hero and he’s criminally unknown. There’s a song he did called ‘Without You’, best music video I’ve seen in years!

YFM: Finally, I’ve got a quick This or That… 

Raleigh: Ooo yeah, I like these!

Streaming or CDs

Listen to music through headphones or play music out loud?

TV or movies?

Early bird or night owl?

Coffee or tea?

Winter or Summer*?
*unless there is snow. Snow over sun!

Cinema or Netflix?

Call or text?
Neither, haha!

Indoors or Outdoors?

Music or Acting?

Thanks so much to Raleigh for his time and I wish him all the best with the launch of his album. You can find out more about Raleigh on his Facebook & Twitter, or you can head over to his website, where you can also pre-order his album.


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  1. Just had his music playing while I was reading this post and he’s really good. I love discovering amazing artists when they’re supporting someone else. When Miles Kane was supporting Kasabian a few years ago, I loved his performance so much I actually tried to leave afterwards as I had convinced myself it was his concert.


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