Lucy Spraggan

Getting to know Lucy Spraggan

Your Future Mixtape caught up with Lucy Spraggan following her new single ‘Dear You’.


YFM: Hi Lucy! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself for those who don’t know you?

Lucy Spraggan: I am a singer songwriter based in the UK. I write songs about all sorts of things and I’m writing my fourth album at the moment. 


YFM: Can you believe that next year will mark 5 years since your audition on X Factor! Are you still enjoying performing ‘Last Night (Beer Fear)’?

Lucy Spraggan: I can’t really believe it, you know. It just reminds me that I’m getting older! I’ve had a pretty wild adventure up until now, so looking forward to what the future holds. I still enjoy playing my older songs, but I have to admit that after playing Beer Fear for the 9 millionth time it can get a little samey!


YFM: I recently saw you perform at Big Day Out in Maidstone and thought you were fantastic. Do you prefer to perform in front of bigger audiences or smaller, more intimate gigs?

Lucy Spraggan: It totally depends. There’s no way of knowing how an audience will be; festivals make me the most nervous as they are so different to headline shows, but what makes a great show is an attentive and excited audience. I love it when people participate!


YFM: Your latest single ‘Dear You’ covers the important issue of mental health. How did you feel before you released it into the big wide world? Were you worried about the reaction it would receive?

Lucy Spraggan: This is probably the first song I’ve released that I didn’t spend all night worrying about what people thought of it. I wrote this song for people that will take something positive away from it, and I also wrote it for me. I am so, so overwhelmed by the response to it and couldn’t be happier. A massive thank you to anyone who listened!


YFM: How’s the new album going?

Lucy Spraggan: This album has taken longer to write than any other I’ve done! I’m not sure why. I got married this year, and we bought a house, so it could be that real life has taken over! It’s nearly finished though. I think this time round I wanted to make sure it was a collection of songs I really love and I didn’t want to rush it. 


YFM: Can you tell us something about yourself that not even google knows?

Lucy Spraggan: Hmmm, this is hard! I’m usually so open it’s hard to find something I haven’t already said. I have a birthmark that (kinda) says ‘Kool’… That’s as good as it gets!


YFM: Finally, a quick this or that…

Streaming or Physical CDS?

Listen through headphones or play music out loud?
Loud, in the car!

TV or Movies?
Movies for sure. 

Early Bird or Night Owl?
Night owl.

Coffee or Tea?

Winter or Summer?
Hard one, I love both! Not so keen on in between.

Cinema or Netflix?

Call or Text?

Indoors or Outdoors?
Outdoors, always. 

You can follow Lucy Spraggan on Facebook & Twitter, or you can head over to her website.


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