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Getting to know Shaun Colwill

Your Future Mixtape caught up with Shaun Colwill to chat touring, making music and his new E.P. ‘Bare Beginnings’.

Shaun Colwill Interview

YFM: Hi Shaun! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself for those who don’t know you?

Shaun: Hey guys! I’m a 20 year old singer songwriter based just outside London! 

YFM: How would you describe your music for someone who has never listened before?

Shaun: It’s definitely pop however there are prominent elements of indie and soul. 

YFM: How long have you been making music for?

Shaun: I started writing songs 3 years ago. 

YFM: You’ve just released your E.P. ‘Bare Beginnings’ (which sounds great!). What’s the story behind the E.P.?

Shaun: Ah thank you very much, glad you like it. Well I started making an E.P. in 2014 but I stopped halfway through. It just didn’t feel like the kind of music I wanted to make and wasn’t the first piece of original music I wanted people to hear from me. First impressions are a big thing for upcoming singer/songwriters so I wanted to make sure I was happy and proud of the music I was making!

I wouldn’t say there’s an exact story. I wrote the lead track ‘Tear Me Apart’ last year with a talented guy called Dan Bartlett. We hit it off and carried on writing. I then felt ready to release some original music and approached him with the idea of making an E.P. and him producing it for me. He seemed keen and then we got to work!

The other two tracks were two songs which I had previously written alone and felt like they should have been on there and would fit the E.P. great! After many months of working on it and finalising bits here and there it was finally ready to release! I didn’t have a clue what to call it and my dad suggested ‘Bare Beginnings’. He’s got a good thing at naming things as he named my song ‘Chasing Waves’ which is also on the E.P. I thought it sounded good and agreed on it! 

YFM: Can we see you on tour any time soon?

Shaun: Nothing is in the works at the minute for touring however it is something I would definitely like to do in the near future. Live shows are my favourite! 

YFM: Who are you listening to at the moment?

Shaun: Really digging the new Drake Album. Also Ady Suleiman is great. Recently got Samm Henshaw’s E.P. which is awesome too.

YFM: Finally, a quick This or That…

Streaming or Physical CDS?

Listen through headphones or play music out loud?
Play music out loud.

TV or Movies?
Hmm…I’m the biggest fan of ‘The Walking Dead’ however that’s the only TV series I watch! If I didn’t watch that then it’d have to be movies 🙂 

Early Bird or Night Owl?

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee! Still love a tea though 🙂 

Winter or Summer?
Winter days, summer nights! 😉 Unless I’m on holiday! 

Cinema or Netflix?

Call or Text?

Indoors or Outdoors?
Indoors for writing music, outdoors for everything else! 

You can follow Shaun’s journey on Twitter & Facebook, or you can head over to his Spotify profile.


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