35 thoughts we've all had when buying tickets

35 Thoughts We’ve All Had When Buying Tickets

How can buying tickets be SO stressful?!


  1. Right, it’s 8.38am and they’re on sale at 9am that gives me 22 minutes to set up my web browser.
  2. *googles Ticketmaster*
  3. Where’s the log in button?! Ah, there it is!
  4. What do you mean incorrect log in?!
  5. I do not have time for this! It’s now 8.42am!
  6. *frantically enters new details*
  7. I’m in!
  8. With 10 minutes to spare. Yessss.
  9. Hmm, do I have time for a cup of tea?
  10. But, what if I miss out?!
  11. Ah, I’m sure it’ll be fine! I’ll run downstairs and make a quick cuppa.
  12. Phew! Back in time.
  13. 3 minutes to go.
  14. Do other people get this stressed when buying tickets or is it just me?
  15. I mean, how often does your favourite American band tour the UK.
  16. SHIT! 9.01am
  17. Oh my god, do I want seated or standing?
  18. I didn’t think about this!
  19. Do I want to stand and be close to the stage or be comfortable and risk having a rubbish view?
  20. Oh why didn’t I think of this before.
  21. It’s okay, I’ll stick with seated.
  22. At least I’ll have somewhere for my bag of merchandise.
  23. Two seated tickets please!
  24. What do you mean I have ‘5 minutes to complete my transaction’?
  25. Where’s my card gone?
  26. There it is! Right, time to enter my card details at record speed.
  27. CSV?! What’s that again?
  28. Finally, card details done.
  29. Does this mean I’ve got tickets?
  30. YES! Success! There’s my order summary.
  31. How much did I just pay for delivery?!
  32. Oh well, it’ll be worth it when I’m singing along to all of my favourite songs.
  33. Can. Not. Wait! Let the countdown begin.
  34. *Sips tea*
  35. Ew, cold tea! Time to make another… 


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16 thoughts on “35 Thoughts We’ve All Had When Buying Tickets

  1. This is literally me everytime I try and get tickets for my favourite bands… Ahhh the memories…

  2. Haha Another one while I’m waiting is shit- should I print out the tickets?


    Shit are they going to arrive on time in the post- perhaps I should have been nicer to the postman.

    1. Haha love these! I’m a hoarder of physical tickets, so never e-tickets for me!

  3. Just tried to comment and my request timed out, which I found hilarious! Yes I always panic. I think I can get better seats, log out and end up with seats in the car park.

  4. Booking tickets is such a nightmare and about 27 of those have happened to me before.

    Ticketmaster suck at giving you decent seats, I used to use Ticketsoup but that’s gone now.

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